From conventional ultrasonics to digitizing radiographic films, we have what you need. Also we provide a series of Software platforms for any project you’re in need of.

From our exclusive partners in Eclipse Scientific, we provide a wide range of NDT Textbooks.

From AUT to TOFD to UT to even how to write procedures.

Total. Radioactive. Isotope. Management.
From time of import to date of export, we monitor your source strength to let you know when it is time to reorder.

A new innovative solution for any NDT Company wishing to keep track of their isotopes. This is it. This is the first GPS tracker manufactured by Gammatec in order to track your isotope wherever it may be.


with integrity delivering

Our Commitment

We Commit ourselves to the purpose and goals of the Organisation. To be committed to customers to deliver the best of industry products and platforms solutions in packages that is efficient and most cost effective to the customer. ASG offers consolidation of tailored solution packages of products and platforms providing operational efficiencies and flexibility in decision-making. 

Company Director: Chris Sperandio

Chris Sperandio

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