AUT of Pipeline Girth Welds

(Automated Ultrasonic Testing) – 2nd Edition

Textbook Information

Since 2005, the pipeline AUT has seen several advances, including a higher respect for phased array systems, formalised qualification processes for systems and an institutionalised certification programme devoted to pipeline AUT operators. The number of personnel now involved in pipeline AUT, as compared to just ten years ago has increased by at least a factor of 10. Corresponding to increased personnel is the potential that there is a wider spread of competence of those involved in the industry. This book provides a useful single source for explanations of pipeline AUT details that readers may not find in more general books on ultrasonic testing.

New in the Second Edition

  • Hardcover with lamination for greater durability
  • More emphasis on new AUT Phased Array systems and applications
  • Examples using intuitive graphs from real applications and modeling software
  • Self-assessment questions and math exercises
  • Enhanced 3D illustrations

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Ed Ginzel