Total Radioactive Isotope Management

T.R.I.M ( An Alliance Solutions Group Initiative )

Our World Class IR-192 / Se-75 Distribution Hub

Alliance Solutions Group are here to provide a hassle-free source logistics solution, we manage it all from the ordering process, through to the loading of the isotopes and the disposal. It is all backed by a highly trained and very professional team at ASG trained by our partners at Gammatec.

GammaTeca leading supplier of Industrial radioactive sources, has partnered with Alliance Solutions Group
Australia and leading manufacturers in the USA and Europe, to provide competitively priced, high-quality sources to the Australasian market.

Alliance Solutions Group are proud to partner with GammaTec, in this exciting venture to be the distributor of Ir-192 & Se-75 Industrial Radioactive sources. Alliance Solutions Group, has established a professional source transfer and maintenance facility.

Distribution and Maintenance

We are competitively priced, and provide efficient delivery methods, to where ever you may be.
We also provide consolidation on shipping thus effectively helping to reduce your overall cost.
We can ship IR-192 Sources along with Se-75 together in the same container, we offer consolidated shipments for: (Exertus) Dual 120 and (GammaMat) TSI Projectors.

We also provide high-end maintenance of all your radiography equipment as part of our deal, we welcome you to let our team of highly trained service agents provide you with our services.
We can also offer emergency retrieval of sources if need be, and regularly conduct leak tests on both sources and cameras, plus also certify the radiography equipment and auxiliary equipment

So What does this mean to you?

Our Isotope Management System?
Let us take the stress out of your planning with a unique application that will give you access to all sources you own, curie strength, when to reload and a unique reminder system to allow planning of reloading, days, weeks or months in advance.

Our Hassle-Free Source Logistics?
One company to manage your source requirements from ordering to disposal, clearly outlined in a Service Level Agreement catering to your specific needs, including:

• Processing of orders and supporting documentation
• Prompt delivery including putting our money where our mouth is and setting up a late delivery penalty programme
• ARPANSA license applications & other regulatory requirements
• Importation of sources and delivery direct to your facility or ours
• Loading of new sources and unloading of depleted sources into safe storage pots at our facility
and delivery of these sources back to the country of origin or safe storage facility
• Collection from and/or delivery back to your facility

Packaging and transportation fleet of type B(U) transport containers.
All packaging (Type A and Type B) meet the IAEA transport regulations and are thus internationally accepted.

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