Fast, Easy, Open Technique Development for NDT

BeamTool HighTemp is an Add-on module that provides tools for simulation of inspecting high temperature subjects including calculation of beam deflection due to temperature gradations effect on material velocity within the wedge.

  • Interactive and configurable display of simulated A-Scan data
  • Conventional UT probe and phased-array single beamsets supported
  • Visualize and configure initial transducer pulse
  • Visualization of material attenuation curve
  • Quick and easy zooming/scrolling through the A-scan timeline

BeamTool helps users to change the refracted angle inside the test piece along with other parameters to obtain the best scan plan.

These changes can be applied in BeamTool and new refracted angles and ray paths can be shown to the user as the actual ray path and refracted angles which will result as the effect of temperature gradient.

  • Support advanced wedge design parameters
  • Visualize temperature gradation within wedge using temperature cells
  • Calculate a corrected exit point and exit angle to illustrate a corrected sound path in the piece material