Circa Information

Exertus Circa Projector Range is a new generation of close proximity tungsten shielded gamma radiography projector – it has the ability to accept Selenium 75 sources. These Projectors can be used for either normal radiography methods or for radiography where close proximity work is needed.


The Design incorporates a Directional Tungsten Collimator which connects directly to the projector. This reduces the radiation controlled area significantly and allows operations in the close vicinity to continue during exposure.


EXERTUS Circa is ISO 3999:2004 compliant.


Basic Construction Standards: ISO 3999:2004 Compliant

Isotopes: Se-75 under special form

Se-75 Half Life: 119.8 Days



Circa 40 – 1.5 TBq (40 Ci)
Circa 80 – 2.96 TBq (80 Ci)
Circa 120 – 3.7 TBq (100 Ci)

Surface Dose Rate: Max 2mSv/HR

Total Weight: 

Circa 40: (8.4kg)
Circa 80: (8.8kg)
Circa 120: (9.0kg)


Length: 203mm (8”)
Width: 110mm (4.33″)
Height: 191mm (7.52″)



Outer Shell: Stainless Steel
Shielding: Tungsten Heavy Alloy
Source Channel: Tungsten Heavy Alloy
Type: B(U) RUS / 5789 / B(U)-96T