Exertus Novum Projector


Sealed Source Device


Next generation Sealed Source Device

EXERTUS NOVUM Projector has the ability to accept Iridium 192 sources or Selenium 75 sources. This projector incorporates design and safety features that make it flexible, compact and lightweight.

EXERTUS NOVUM is lighter than the most of its competitors. It incorporates safety and improved a new source channel. Design, which makes maintenance easier allows smoother movement of the Source Assembly inside the device, making it easier for the operator and improving safety.

EXERTUS NOVUM is ISO 3999:2008 compliant.

Basic Construction Standards – ISO 3999:2004 Compliant
Isotopes –  Ir-192 or Se-75 under special form
Ir-192 half life  – 73.8 days
Se-75 half life  – 119.8 days
Ir-192  –  2.22 TBq (60 Ci)
Se-75  – 7.40 TBq (200 Ci)
Surface Dose Rate  – Max. 2mSv/h
Total Weight  – 20 kg (44 lb)
DU Weight  – 10 kg (22 lb)
Length  – 335 mm (13.19’’)
Width  – 124 mm (4.88’’)
Height  – 207 mm (8.74’’)
Materials Used
Outer Shell  – CrNi steel
Shielding  – Depleted Uranium
Labyrinth  – Tungsten Heavy Alloy
Type  – B(U) RUS / 7223 / B(U)-96T

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