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Eddy Current

All instuments below are catered to the needs of Eddy Current Array or Tube Inspections.

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miz 21c - affordable and advanced handheld

Introducing the affordable and most advanced handheld instrument with surface array capabilities. MIZ-21C is ideal for aerospace, oil & gas, manufacturing power generation applications. Its ergonomic design, long battery life and intuitive touchscreen mean you can inspect more areas faster than ever without fatigue.
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miz 85iD - modular performance

This small, rugged, lightweight instrument is available in both single and dual probe configuration. It supports all common steam generator technique so it easily integrates into your inspection system. It’s completely sealed to protect against environmental and radiological contamination to maintain its integrity for a high level of performance.
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Insite - Tough and Portable

The Zetec InSite HT and InSite CT are multi-channel, multi-frequency eddy current testing instruments. They are both designed to operate at full production line speeds in tough manufacturing environments.

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miz 21b - handheld performance

This eddy current instrument delivers high-speed, high-efficiency inspections of heat exchanger tubing. Industry-leading data management features provide more on-board data storage, and easier file transfer.

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miz 80id - fully integrated

By combining a powerful eddy current instrument plus probe controllers, a probe driver and a control system into a single device, you have a highly efficient and cost-effective all-in-one steam generator and condenser tube inspecting unit.

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The PragmaPro is based on a modular cartridge technology and supports various NDT instrument modalities such as UT, PAUT, ECT and many more. This new platform and the new cartridges are based on a machined, powder-coated aluminum frame for shock-proofness, best sealing qualities and maximum heat dissipation.
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miz 200 - rugged high performance

We developed this unit to handle the most demanding inspection environments, yet be lightweight and portable enough to move around your site with ease. It’s been specifically designed for Balance-of-Plant/Power Generation, Oil & Gas applications.

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miz 28 - efficient and reliable

For inspections of heat exchanger tubing, this eddy current instrument delivers exceptional and proven performance.

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This platform is perfect for portable applications. It is very compact and lightweight. An ergonomic keypad and scroll-wheel let you easily control the device even in dirty environments. The chassis is rugged, a mix of rubber and aluminium. It can be battery powered or wired. The user interface has been specially designed for easy menu navigation and simplicity.
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