• Author: Michael Wright
  • ISBN: 978-0-9917095-6-4
  • Pages: 413

Eddy Current Testing Technology

A fully updated Eddy Current Testing Technology textbook that meets and exceeds ISO9712, CGSB, ASNT, and CSWIP theoretical requirements for Level 1 & 2 certification.

This new textbook edition comes in hardcover with lamination for longer durability. Several new topics have been added to enable individuals to effectively apply Eddy Current Testing techniques to achieve a quality inspection, this includes:

  • Theoretical Concepts: mathematical formulas support by worked examples, self-assessment questions, new graphs and tables are utilized to help illustrate theory concepts.
  • Acquisition Techniques: a wide collection of real-life inspection applications are discussed with tips and guidelines.
  • Analysis Methodologies: signal pattern recognition, sizing, flaw positioning methods, and reporting techniques are explained in detail with examples.
  • Ferromagnetic Inspections: a completely new topic that outlines data acquisition and analysis.
  • Technical Justification: concepts and principles for conducting case studies and qualifications.
  • Inspection Procedures: awareness and guidelines for preparing effective procedures.