Film Digitizing Equipment

VIDAR NDT Pro - Film Digitizer

• Eliminates film preservation cost – eliminate/reduce film storage costs
• Silver rebates – capture existing asset revenue
• Digital radiographic images – instantly shared for inspection/evaluation
• Permanent digital visibility & reports – save time, money, personnel
• Data integrity – accuracy for auditing
• Digital artifacts – no loss for auditing
• Digital archive – forever organized and available for primary/disaster recovery
• Fast, easier – evaluations & decisions 

High quality, cost effective NDT alternative for digitizing
radiographic film

Lighter, smaller footprint
High definition CCD(HD-CCD™) solid state
ADC ensures image quality
No image variation, exceptional grayscale reproduction
Meets ISO 14096 & ASME Section V standards Class DS, DB, DA
Slow mode 0.5 – 4.5 OD 

VIDAR’s NDTPRO Industrial Film Digitizer offers the NDT market a more cost effective
alternative for digitizing films. With VIDAR’s next-generation proprietary
High Definition CCD(HD-CCD) technology, and it’s unique ADC(Automatic Digitizer Calibration) feature, there is virtually no variation in image quality and ensures excellent grayscale reproduction in every image. Unlike other digitizer solutions there the NDTPRO does not require time-consuming manual calibrations or settings. This saves time, optimizes your workflow and your costs. Meets all standards for ISO 14096 Class DS and ASME Section V.7

Multi-Strip Film Feeder

Scan multiple strips simultaneously dramatically increases throughput

Optional film-slot widths
2.75 inches (7cm / 70mm)
3.50 inches (9cm / 88.9mm)
4.50 inches (11.5cm / 114.29mm)

Multi-strip Film Feeder reduces transition times
between digitizing projects

The especially by us developed multi-strip film feeder for the VIDAR NDTPRO digitizer enables for the first time a guided parallel digitization of several x-ray films. Our NDT software modules are specifically adapted to the digitized x-ray films with the feeder.This increases productivity by up to 500% The feeder is available in various sizes.

The NDT Gateway

Brightness / Contrast adjustments for dark films
• 100% DICONDE compliant image sharing

• Digitally captured burn-throughs, cracks, porosites, off-sets, undercuts Inspection reports attached to and stored with digital images
• Image archiver tools – Create, Add, Delete, Retrieve, Export, Send NDT software specifically designed for digitizing radiographic film

Our NDT gateway will allow you to adjust your scanner’s brightness/contrast settings for dealing with darker older films. You won’t miss any relevant specks and spots: porosities, burn-throughs, cracks, offsets and undercuts – you will nail them all on the digital image. You will be able to measure distances, areas, angles, as well as percentages of abnormalities (discontinuities) in particular ROIs. Make your own reports which will be stored with images in the database. An extra software module will come with our Multi-Strip Film Feeder.

The module will provide automatic configuration of the scanner with regard to the feeder: It will always distinguish the slots in use.