All Specification Information about the GammaSpoor GPS System is located inside the PDF.

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Alex Sperandio
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The growing need for better security of radioactive material in transit and in use has led Gammatec to develop a GSM / GPS based tracking device for the Exertus Dual 120 Projector.
The device can be programmed to update the location of the Projector as often as required and “Geofence” and “Tamper” alerts add to the security features.
Live tracking, device configuration, movement history and reporting can be done by the user via a secure web portal.

What can it track?

GammaSpoor -a GSM/GPS based tracking system which is being rolled out for use with our Exertus Dual 120 range of Projectors.
In time we intend making the device available for all Projectors and associated Transport Containers in the Exertus Range as well as certain of our competitors’ equipment.  

Key Features to Know:

It has:

– Live Tracking
– Remote Configuring and “Wake Up” (User Defined)
– A Geofence Setup (User Defined)
– Multiple Recipient Setup for Notifications Via E-mail / text (User Defined)
– Full Movement / History Reporting
– Tamper Alert
– Impact Alert (User Defined)
– Low Battery Alert
– Automatic Switch off / on during flight take off and landing

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