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Close Proximity Radiography System

The Close Proximity Method


This Advanced System when used in conjunction with a Se75 source is designed to increase productivity, reduce risks and improve overall safety, by assisting greatly of decreasing the “Safe Working Distance” that is generally required while conventional Radiographic Testing is being conducted while onsite or in a workshop environment.

Mostly when conventional radiographic testing is being conducted at a customers premises, the RT can only be performed during an allocated window of opportunity ( I.E: Meal breaks, Outside of Normal Operating Hours ) due to the barrier that is required ( 20 – 40m2 ). This is to ensure that safety is the highest regarded aspect while on site each time performing exposure. For more information, feel free to contact Alex or Chris in regards to these matters.

The Close Proximity System


The Gammasafe close proximity system applies its best practices to deliver the safest way possible of carrying out radiography by delivering approved radiography methods, with minimal exclusion zones.

The GammaSafe CPR System is combined with mazel matting to dramatically reduce the exclusion zone required while radiography is being carried out.

The Mazel mat radiation shield is a patented, highly flexible, high-density material and is a very effective radiation attenuating material that can be manufactured in any size or shape or thickness to meet the customer’s requirements.

The safety area (Exclusion Zone) can be reduced to as little as 1m to 3m from the camera when using attenuating screens.

The Exertus Circa projector range is a new generation of CPR cameras, compatible with Se-75 sources.

The Projector incorporates design and safety features that make it flexible, compact and lightweight.

These can be used for either normal RT methods or for RT where CPR is needed.
It incorporates a tungsten collimator which connects directly to the projector, which controls the radiation signification and allows operations in the close vicinity to continue during exposure.

A 3 colour signal indicator provides the user with a clear visual guide to the position of the source at all times.

Once the source is safe inside the projector and the projector is locked, a green padlock will appear.

When the source is inside the projector but the projector is unlocked and the source assembly is ready to be released, a yellow standby will indicate that.
When the source is ready for exposure or outside the projector, a red signal will indicate that.

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