Close Proximity Radiography


The need for production work to continue 24/7, whilst conducting Non-Destructive Testing in the form of Industrial Radiography, is why the GAMCPR System was developed.

CPR is “The conducting of radiography in close proximity to authorized
radiation workers, members of the public or radiation sensitive monitoring
devices in such a way as to ensure continuous operations”.

CPR is achieved by utilizing a system of X-ray or Gamma emitting devices incorporating specific collimation with rigid and / or flexible shielding to reduce the Primary Beam and scattered radiation to safe levels at the desired barrier distance.

ELIMINATE non-productive costs

NO SHIFTS lost due to radiography
CHANGE downtime into productive time
ACCELERATE Construction programs
MAXIMISE Plant Utilization
QUICKER startup of Plant


Ask yourself
How has conventional radiography impacted your work programs in the past?
How would using CPR benefit you?

Perform radiography & other tasks simultaneously due to reduced radiation safety barriers.

ELIMINATE conventional RT windows
ELIMINATE the need to evacuate
ELIMINATE false alarms from plant radiation-based technologies
REDUCE Safe working distance 

REDUCE Radiation levels for everyone

REDUCE dose rates to radiographers
REDUCE dose rates to members of the public
REDUCE the chance of radiation incidents

• Anywhere Where Radiography Is Required
• Maintenance on plant
• New Build projects
• Corrosion Monitoring
• On-shore & off-shore
• Do you have a radiography application? GAMCPR is your answer!

To Eliminate Conventional RT Windows

  • Reduce The Safe Working Distance And Production Downtime Through Lower Radiation Levels In The Work Area.

To IMPROVE    Productivity

  • By Using A Lightweight, Field-loadable System
  • By Using A Uniquely Designed Se.75 Gamma Ray Projector With Snap-on Technology
  • By Using Specially Designed Clamps And Stands

By Using Specially Designed Clamps And Stands

  • Fast projector set up times on a wide range of pipe configurations are made easy with a user-friendly clamp and stand system allowing for 
  • Contact shots
  • By using the projector clamp
  • By using the shielded guide tube
  • Stand-off shots
  • By using the projector clamp
  • By using the shielded guide tube

  • Fast Shielding set up times on a wide range of pipe configurations are made easy with flexible shielding material around user friendly clamps and stands.
  • Powerful magnets attach Projector to one surface and lead shielding behind the film on the opposite surface. Custom apertures reduce the radiation beam to within the shielding footprint for Tank ‘T’ shots.
  • Purpose designed shielding cassettes, collimator apertures and  an articulating arm allow fast setup of profile shots. Custom apertures reduce the radiation beam to within the shielding footprint.

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