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Industrial Ultrasonics NDT Textbook
  • Author: Ryan Chaplin
  • ISBN Hardcover: 978-0-4602-9567-0
  • ISBN Softcover: 978-0-4602-9567-7
  • Pages: 277

Industrial Ultrasonic Inspection

Ultrasonic testing (UT) has been an accepted practice of inspection in industrial environments for decades. Our new textbook, titled Industrial Ultrasonic Inspection Levels 1 & 2, is designed to meet and exceed ISO 9712 training requirements for Level 1 and 2 certification. The material presented in this book will provide readers with all the basic knowledge of the theory behind elastic wave propagation and its uses through easy to read text and clear pictorial descriptors. 

Discussed UT Concepts:

  • General engineering, materials, and components theory
  • Theory of sound waves and their propagation
  • The general uses of ultrasonic waves
  • Methods of ultrasonic wave generation
  • Different ultrasonic inspection techniques
  • Ultrasonic flaw detectors, scanning
    systems, and probes
  • Calibration fundamentals
  • General scanning techniques
  • Flaw sizing techniques
  • Basic analysis principles for ultrasonic, phased array ultrasonic, and time of flight diffraction inspection techniques
  • Codes and standards
  • Principles of technical documentation and reporting