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Internal Rotary Inspection Services

IRIS 9000+

Introducing the next generation of heat exchanger inspection. Representing the seventh generation of the IRIS system, the IRIS 9000 Plus has nearly 200 years of combined field inspection experience incorporated in its design. This experience combined with a strong commitment to quality and a history of innovation has made Iris Inspection Services® the undisputed leader in IRIS technology. 


Channels1 pulse echo
Pulse voltage200-300 V
Bandwidth48 MHz
Transducer frequency15 MHz
Maximum pulsing rateUp to 13 kHz
A-Scan lengthScalable 255 points
ViewsReal-time B and C-scans
Turbine speedUp to 200 rps
Min wall thickness.229mm (0.009”)
Max wall thickness35mm (1.38”)
Probe recognitionAuto
Hardware monitoringContinual calibration, improved fault, and probe monitoring
SyncingImproved synching and auto adjust to turbine speed
InterfaceDual; hardware or software control
ConnectivityUSB 2
ChassisRugged, reinforced, and braced aluminum
Dimensions (W x D x H)26cm (10.24”) x 31cm (12.2”) x 17cm (6.26”)
Weight7kg (15.43lbs)
Temperature range-18°C to 46°C (0°F to 115°F)
Input voltage100-240VAC Ÿ 50-60Hz

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