Total Radioactive

Isotope Management

An Overview

ASG & Gammatec (a leading supplier of industrial radioactive isotopes), has partnered and secured an exclusive arrangement with a leading manufacturer in the U.S, to provide competitively priced, high quality sources to the Pacific Region (Australia & New Zealand) markets.

ASG Brief

Alliance Solutions Group (ASG) is effective in delivering real value by the range of products, product servicing and performance platforms we offer.  Additional to this, ASG can tailor products and platforms in one package, together with the flexibility of several options in payment terms (BUY, LEASE or RENT) to meet your requirements.

ASG has access to the specialized knowledge and technological infrastructure of products delivery, supported by the people behind the products and platforms that “UNDERSTAND to UNDERTAKE”.  Partnering with our customers requires a collective overall commitment to a collaborative supply chain support network that extends past each business entities’ geographic location.  It is how we provide you with an Industry Edge that we trust, assists with aligning to your Strategic Plan and future growth aspirations. 

Products and Service excellence is never an accident. It is the result of commitment to quality, intelligent planning, supported by a team driven to understanding the Customer’s needs. Providing the right products for the right applications.

The way to achieve customer satisfaction is through Empathy. “To Understand to Undertake” is a commitment to delivering Products and Service excellence.

Chris Sperandio

T.R.I.M Outline

ASG offers a Total Radioactive Isotope Management Package that is outlined below and that can be tailored to meet your needs.

GammaTec, a leading supplier of Industrial Radioactives, has partnered with ASG Australia and SPEC, a leading manufacturer in the USA to provide competitively priced, high quality sources to the Australasian market.

ASG, SPEC and GammaTec provide a hassle-free source logistics solution, from ordering, through loading to disposal, supported by trained professionals and key partners.

Isotope Management System

We take the stress out of your planning  with a unique application that will give you access to a hassle free isotope supply chain ASG monitor the sources you own, curie strength, when to reload and a unique reminder system to allow planning of reloading, days, weeks or months in advance.

Hassle Free Source Logistics

One company to manage your source requirements from ordering to disposal, clearly outlined in a Service Level Agreement catering to your specific needs, including:

  • Processing of orders and supporting documentation
  • ARPANSA license applications & other regulatory requirements
  • Importation of sources and delivery direct to your facility or ours
  • Loading of new sources and unloading of depleted sources into safe storage pots at our facility and delivery of these sources back to country of origin or safe storage facility
  • Collection from and/or delivery back to your facility



Servicing and Repair Centre

ASG personnel are trained and certified Agents to conduct repairs and servicing of your Sealed Source Device and ancillary equipment.  We provide on completion of servicing SSD’s an SSD Condition Report and Certificate of Conformance.  If you have any queries on our service package, do not hesitate to contact us so we may provide you with further detail

Providing Competitive Pricing and Delivery Periods.
Shipment Consolidation = Reduced Costs.
Shipments of Ir-192 and Se-75 Sources together in one transport container.
Consolidating Shipments for: Dual 60 and/or 120 + the Sentinel 880 Isotope Range.

Let our qualified and skilled technicians provide a basic service and maintenance on your camera as part of the loading process for most makes of Sealed Source Devices including:

The Exertus Dual 60
The Exertus Dual 120
The Exertus RID Se4P
The Exertus Circa 

We Handle Emergency Retrievals of sources as and when required.

We Regularly conduct leak tests on both sources and projectors.

We Certify Radiography Equipment and Auxiliary Equipment (Accessories)
– Such as Guide Tubes / Windouts

Isotope Detail Summary


• Most Commonly used isotope for industrial radiography because of its versatility.

• Iridium-192 provides contrast sensitivity for thicker materials (1″ to 3″ / 25mm to 75mm)

• We also offer enriched Iridium-192 as an alternative for customers who require smaller focal sizes and geometric unsharpness

Halflife: 73.83 Days
Exposure Rate Constant: 0.48R/hr/Ci  /  4.8mSv/hr/Ci
Energy Range 206-612keV

We offer winding mechanisms and guide tubes that fit all popular makes of cameras. Please contact us for more information on the variety of Gamma Equipment on offer.


• Widely used throughout the world for demanding radiographic applications.

• The lower energy of Selenium-75 provides improved radiographic contrast sensitivty for thinner materials (0.1″ to 1.2″  /  3mm to 30mm)

• This translates to more effective shielding efficiency for collimators, portable shields and radiography devices.

• Selenium-75 has a significantly longer half life than Iridium-192.

Halflife: 119.8 Days
Exposure Rate Constant: 0,203R/hr/Ci  /  2,03mSv/hr/Ci
Energy Range: 66-401 keV

We offer winding mechanisms and guide tubes that fit all popular makes of cameras. Please contact us for more information on the variety of Gamma Equipment on Offer.

~Chris. Sperandio

Company Director

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