Light W Information

Safety is an integral part of the new Exertus Light W Projector Range – A Three Colour signal indicator provides the user with a clear visual guide as to the position of the source at all times.  

EXERTUS Light W is ISO 3999:2004 compliant.



Basic Construction Standards: ISO 3999:2004 Compliant

Isotopes: Se-75 under special form

Se-75 Half Life: 119.8 Days


Type B: 5.18 TBq (140 Ci)

Type A: 3.00 Tbq (81 Ci)

Surface Dose Rate: Max. 2mSv/H

Total Weight: 18kg (40LB)


Length: 216mm (8.5″)

Width: 110mm (4.33″)

Height: 189mm (7.44″)


Outer Shell: Stainless Steel

Shielding: Depleted Uranium

Labyrinth: Tungsten Heavy Alloy

Type: B(U) RUS / 7132 / B(U)-96T