Miz-85 id

advanced eddy current

for power plant inspections


a modular unit for advanced eddy current inspection

The MIZ-85iD leverages the architecture of our industry-leading MIZ-80iD eddy current instrument into a modular, instrument-only system. It’s a small, rugged and lightweight unit that can be utilized in a variety of inspection environments. All configurations of the MIZ-85iD are completely sealed to provide protection from environmental and radiological contamination. This protection ensures the unit’s integrity in electronic performance and allows the unit to be serviced throughout the life of the product.

Just like the MIZ-80, the MIZ-85 conducts highly efficient and cost effective eddy current inspections of steam generator and condenser tubing in nuclear and conventional power plants.

The MIZ-85 system is available in three configurations:

  • The MIZ-85iD-1 is configured to accommodate one probe pusher
  • The MIZ-85iD-2 is configured to accommodate two probe pushers
  • The MIZ-85iD-4 is configured to accommodate four probe pushers

Advanced capabilities of the MIZ-85iD, such as the on-board electronic differential reference probes, and an internal electronic connector pin multiplexer, eliminate the need for common adapter cables. These features also provide you with superior data quality and promote better analysis results.

Multiple Probe Configurations

The MIZ-85iD is available in single, dual, or quad probe configurations to best suit your application.

Universal Capability

The MIZ-85iD supports all common steam generator inspection techniques.

Standalone Unit

The MIZ-85iD features an integral probe interface module (PIM) which eliminates the need for probe adapters.

Advanced Technology

The MIZ-85iD’s Intelligent Device technology provides automatic probe configuration validation with MIZ-iD equipped probes.

Web Server

The web server queries devices and provides information on the network, system, calibration status, and hardware. With higher level permission, it enables you to update the firmware and to calibrate.

Auto Tube End Detection

The Auto Tube End Detection improves probe life.

Electronic Connector Pin Multiplexer

The electronic connector pin multiplexer eliminates the need for reference probes and common probe adapter cables.

Auxiliary A/O Control Lines

The Auxiliary A/O Control Lines provide integration with probe delivery systems and probe position encoders.

Power100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Operating Temperature32°F to 113°F (O°C to 45°C)
Storage Temperature-4°F to 140°F (-2O°C to 60°C)
Dimensions11.5”H x 16.25”L x 14”W
Frequency Range20 Hz to 1 MHz
Gain23 – 53 dB in 1dB steps
Sample Rate10 Hz to 40 kHz
Drive Voltage0 – 20 Vpp, 0 – 60 Vpp I-Probe mode
Coil Drive AmplifiersUp to 2 per probe connector
Coil Input AmplifiersUp to 8 per probe connector
Drive0 – 20 Vpp
Supported Probe TechnologyArray Probes, Bobbin Probes, MRPC
Channel Capability40 Continuous Mode, 512 Multiplex, 640 Super-Multiplex
Maximum Sample RateContinuous (Simultaneous Injection) Mode: 40,000 Hz, Super-Multiplexed and Multiplexed Modes: 20,000 Hz
Analog Servo Control Lines±0-10 VDC
Solenoid Function Control Lines24 VDC
Auxiliary Differential Encoder InputsUp to 2/Probe

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