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ASG - AC Magnet

ASG have opened up our own line of AC Magnetic Yokes in line with the release of the Y-2 AC Magnetic Series, with 240V and a removable, repairable cable, the lead make for easy storage when cleaned and returned to the case post inspection.

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Lifting power: ≥45N
Sensitivity: A1-15/100
Magnetic spacing: Drag type 100mm; fillet weld 30-120mm; joint yoke 50-150mm
White light: ≥4000LUX
Violet wavelength range: 360-370nm
Center wavelength: 365nm
Volume: 200×140×45mm (without magnetic head)
Weight: 1.8 kg
Full electricity can work for 1 day
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Lifting power: ≥ 180N
Sensitivity: A1-15/50
Magnetic spacing: 50-200mm
White light: ≥ 5000LUX
Dark irradiance:≥ 4000 µW/cm2
Violet light wavelength: 360-370nm; Central wavelength: 365nm
Yoke volume:230*170*60mm
Yoke weight: 1.8KG
Full electricity can work for 1-2 days

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Lifting power: ≥118N
Sensitivity: A1-15/100
White light: ≥5000LUX
Black light irradiance: ≥6000μW/㎝²
Violet wavelength range: 360-370nm
Volume: 204×170×160mm (without magnetic head)
Weight: 3.8 kg
Full electricity can work for 1-2 days

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