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NDT Phased Array Textbook
  • Author: ED Ginzel
  • ISBN: 978-0-9917095-0-2
  • Pages: 362

Phased Array Ultrasonic Technology

Advances in mechanisation capabilities, afforded by the rapid growth of the computer industry, have been wide spread. NDT is no exception to the variety of industries that have benefitted from these advances. This handbook is intended to improve the students’ understanding of phased array aspects of mechanised ultrasonic inspections. As well, some background is supplied with regard to the ancillary aspects of mechanised ultrasonic inspections, data acquisition and computer imaging.

  • Hardcover with lamination for greater durability
  • Examples using intuititive graphs
  • Enhanced 3D illustrations
  • Self-assessment questions and hands-on math exercises
  • Exposure to new Phased Array technology and applications