We know you will find our Lease and Rental Options too attractive to pass up, however if you wish to do so then you can buy the item(s) or equipment completely.

Here at Alliance Solutions Group you have a wide range of equipment and inspection instruments to choose from such as the Eddy Current Array range which is specialized in the MIZ-21C, or if you prefer tubing inspection then we suggest the MIZ-200. For Post Auto Ultrasonics Testing (PAUT), we highly recommend the TOPAZ Range. We also include various other ranges of equipment and systems such as the GAM-CPR for Close Proximity Radiography which is performed with a 1M Exclusion Zone! 

We work with you in an effort to provide the best quality products and an efficient delivery on time and on site ready for work.

If you do not have the biggest of wallets and your financial situation is just a little tight then we do offer pricing alternatives to help your needs. If you wish to know more, Contact Us and we will do all we can to guide you along the process.

During these harsh times with the COVID 19 Pandemic occuring, we are all hoping to continue with precaution in our day to day lives BUT achieve more with less expenditure.

We at ASG believe that leasing is the ideal way to take the weight off your shoulders worrying about financial stress in how you need what items for a particular job. Your CAPEX budgets are relieved and your tax benefits are substantially improved to name 2 overall positives.

During any discussion with a potential client who is unfamiliar with the benefits of LEASING, we find it is beneficial to understand their concerns / worries / troubles to undertake helping them see through their project every step of the way to not only take advantage of the potential benefits but help them achieve a project finish in a timely manner.

To Find out more on our leasing opportunities, please Contact Us whenever available.

Renting Equipment.

ASG’s Rent To Own option is what we think is the best way for you to obtain the latest and greatest gear on the market (Minus the overall expenditure to purchase), try it out for a year to ensure it suits the companies capabilities and then post the rental period, purchase at a far lesser cost than you were to do if bought outright to start with.

Rent to Own is the ideal scenario to “Try Before Buy”

However, if you were to opt for a short term rental (EG: 3-6 Months) then we also provide you with an immediate costing on highly essential equipment for equally essential services. 

If you wish to know more on our Renting Options then please Contact Us for further information.

~ Chris Sperandio

Founder & Company Director