RID-Se4P Information

This Camera has a unique safety feature not found in competitive products: the source assembly locking mechanism is triggered by the front link of the source assembly, therefore always assuring the operator that the source has returned to the safe position.

EXERTUS RID-Se4P is ISO 3999:2004 compliant.



Basic Construction Standards: ISO 3999:2004 Compliant

Isotopes: Se-75 under special form

Se-75 Half Life: 119.8 Days


Type B: – 4.44 TBq (120 Ci)

Type A: – 3.00 TBq (81 Ci)

Surface Dose Rate: Max. 2mSv/H

Total Weight: 7kg (15.43LB)

DU Weight: 2.7KG (5.95LB)

DU Activity: 1.42 mCi (52.6 MBq)


Length: 224mm (8.82″)

Width: 100mm (3.94″)

Height: 175mm (6.89″)


Outer Shell: CrNi Steel

Shielding: Depleted Uranium

Labyrinth: Tungsten Heavy Alloy

Type: B(U) RUS / 5373 / B(U)-96T