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Directional Units

for xray

GammaSpoor GPS
The growing need for better security of radioactive material in transit and in use has led Gammatec to develop a GSM / GPS based tracking device for certain types of SSD (Sealed Source Devices)
Gam-Safe CPR
(Sealed Source Devices)
The Sources provided by ASG in affiliation with global entities gives clientel the option to perform radiography on site with either IR-192 Sources or Close Proximity Radiography with Se-75.
Gam-Safe CPR
Film Digitizer
With VIDAR's next-generation proprietary High Definition CCD (HD-CCD) technology and its unique ADC (Automatic Digitizer Calibration) feature, there is virtually no variation in image quality while ensuring excellent grayscale reproduction in every image.
Gam-Safe CPR
Radiation Monitors
Personal electronic dosimeters (PEDs) are suitable for measuring and monitoring radiation across a range of applications.
Gam-Safe CPR

Directional Units

Crawler Units

Control Units

Advanced Inspection Ultrasonic Systems

Reinforced Cable

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Tripod Carbon Fiber

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Pipe Slider XL

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