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  • Author: ED Ginzel
  • ISBN: 978-0-9917095-4-0
  • Pages: 260

Ultrasonic Time of Flight Diffraction

This handbook will provide technicians, students and instructors a single source publication for the fundamentals involved in TOFD. The topics covered in this handbook generally follow the requirements set out in the CSWIP document for TOFD training requirements. Where background fundamentals are deemed useful to explain pertinent aspects of TOFD, the basics will be explained with adequate detail.

To enhance the usefulness of this text as a training manual, problem solving exercises have been included. These assignments are typical of those questions and assignments that would be presented in a classroom environment and similar to those that may be used in certification examinations. This book comes in hardcover with lamination for greater durability. Many 2D and 3D illustrations are included to help the reader understand TOFD concepts and provide virtual presentation of TOFD field applications.