Post auto ultrasonic testing instrument

for advanced inspections


Portable Phased Array ut instrument

Portable high performance phased array UT instrument

Portable and rugged, ZIRCON is designed for demanding inspections. As the instrument of choice for any mission-critical ultrasonic application, ZIRCON offers a 32/128PR Phased Array configuration and two conventional UT channels for pulse-echo, pitch-catch or TOFD inspections.

ZIRCON delivers significant benefits including automatic probe detection, self-diagnostics, an impressive data throughput and up to 1024 focal laws in a rock-solid fan-less casing.

Powered by UltraVision software

Driven by the UltraVision software platform ZIRCON offers advanced data acquisition and analysis. The unique 3-D environment provides all the tools necessary for the creation of components, data analysis and visualization. Using the Time Reversal inspection technique, ZIRCON TR is the optimal choice for the inspection of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforce Polymers) or other advanced lightweight materials.

Count on ZIRCON to perform in extreme, real-life conditions with no compromise on signal quality.

Battery-operated for portability

    • Up to 8 hours of battery life to get the job done

Compact and rugged for the real-world

    • Portable with no air intake means Zircon can easily be deployed virtually anywhere, even contaminated areas

Easily handles advanced lightweight material inspections

    • ZIRCON TR supports the innovative Time Reversal technique for the inspection of complex lightweight materials like CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforce Polymers)

Superior signal quality for better results

    • State-of-the-art electronics delivering high-quality and outstanding signal to noise ratio

3-D Work Environment

  •        Controlled by UltraVision® offering 3-D work environment for creation of components and data visualization

Zircon is compatible with UltraVision® 3 software.

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